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Joey Krulock was born and raised in Pennsylvania where, at a young age, his love and talent for acting, cinematography, editing and production emerged. After graduating from Bucknell University in 2017, where he was a collegiate wrestler, Joey worked in Philadelphia further honing his filmmaking abilities. In early 2019, Joey permanently relocated to Los Angeles to begin his full-time career as an independent filmmaker. Joey combines his experience both in front of and behind the camera with his technical skills in post-production, giving him a 360-degree view that keeps the gears moving smoothly in every project. Joey brings an intense focus yet calm and relaxed demeanor to every set. In his short but prolific career, Joey has produced several short films, series, documentaries, music videos, feature-length films, and numerous "microfilms" which he adds to his Instagram page. 

Krulock Films LLC is a full-service production company founded and operated by Joey Krulock and his partner, Michelle Paul. Krulock Films is based in central Los Angeles.

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